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Good News

I received payment for one of my freelancing projects today.
The guy still screwed up on part of it, but I got it ironed out. Finally.

Now to use the time I spent freelancing working on a personal project instead. Made myself a livejournal community and everything.
dire troll mauler

Freelancing update

Two and a half months after I sent the initial submissions, I finally heard back from the company.

Now it looks like I may have to fight to receive the full payment promised at the beginning, but at least this is finally semi-resolved.
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(no subject)

I know this sounds odd coming so soon after my recent rant on freelancing, but I have a question for those of you into Exalted.

Let's say I can bring six Exalted books to college. These books must be useful resources of:

  • Writing inspiration
  • Rules
  • Setting information
  • Plain ol' good writing

I'll need these books to be useful to me both as a writer and Storyteller/Player. While I can (and probably will) bring more than six books with me, I want to pack lightly for the first trip.
That said, what do you suggest?
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I'm here at work doing loan apps and I came across the coolest cheesy villain name ever.

Basil Slaymaker.

And this is someone's real name. He'd better have a long moustache and wear suits all the time.